Digital Marketing Consultant is a boutique digital marketing company specializing in small business and startup organizations.  Our clients include manufacturers, service industry small businesses and impact mission social responsibility startups.

We don’t serve a lot of clients, but we serve our clients a lot.  If you are looking for a marketing solutions provider who is accessible and personable, yet comprehensive in scope of service – we’re here.

Online Visibility

A website that is not appearing near the top of the results for relevant search phrases will not attract new customers on its own.  There is no substitute for being near the top of the list of organic matches for search phrases that pertain to the company.  If your business is struggling with this – we’re here.


The most important aspect of search engine optimization and ranking is the website itself. takes the ‘I’ll do it myself’ approach to solve this.  Search engine results are the primary focus of every aspect of our web development protocol.  Examples of client sites and ranking are a phone call away.  If you are looking for a web provider who covers all aspects of the process including hosting and maintenance ongoing – we’re here.

The New Market for New Gadgets

Crowdfunding has become an entire industry in recent years.  Unfortunately most campaigns are not successful.  Knowing the right formula to launch and promote a fundraiser can make all the difference in the world, regardless of the validity of a new idea.  Whether your crowdfunding campaign in the works simply needs a final touch and blessing or a complete overhaul and reinvention of the wheel – we’re here.

Entrepreneurship marketing and business development consulting services stem strictly from entrepreneurial experience in various industries.  We relate to, understand and respect startup entrepreneurs as a style of life.  We fully grasp the meaning of the word ‘struggle’ in the process of getting a new venture off the ground.  If you need a marketing consultant to take on your project with the same passion that you espouse for it – we’re here.

Company Image & Product Branding

We have served some clients building upon their brand and company image, while others we have branded every aspect of the business starting from scratch.  ‘Whatever it takes’ is the methodology to building a solid brand and marketing campaign for our clients.  We’re here.